Toptimiz3D is a GUI for setting up and solving structural topology optimization problems with the FreeFem++ software.

Coded in Python, this tools allows the user to specify all relevant data to de fine a topology optimization problem and automatically builds a FreeFem++ code which can be run from the application or exported to run outside. Our software is based on the SIMP approach, however including level-set methods is high on our to-do list. It is possible to export the results in VTK format for post-processing with ParaView. There are other functionalities that can be consulted in the manual, distributed with the application.  Toptimiz3D is a free-distribution software open to everybody for future code extensions in a repository at GitLab.

The software is capable to handle with general geometries and unstructured meshes. The following example is an adaptation of the classical compliant mechanism gripper to a circular domain.


The software provides a GUI where the user must introduce all relevant data for solving the previous problems.

This example, the optimized design of an airplane bearing bracket, was motivated by a challenge proposed by Alcoa Fastening Systems and Rings and GRABCAD enterprises and it is studied here with slightly differences. Results shown below took around 30 hours of computational time for a mesh with 450452 tetrahedra in an standard personal computers.