Mathematics against coronavirus

The Spanish Committee for Mathematics, CEMat, is promoting the initiative Mathematics against coronavirus. In this initiative, our goal is to use the analysis and modelling skills of our community in order to create a better understanding of the COVID-19 health crisis. Currently, the activities of this initiative include:

  1. To collect links and contributions of the Spanish mathematical community about the virus spread on the website.
  2. To promote discussion in the community using the contributions from researchers and groups, and involve a variety of models and techniques.
  3. To establish a Committee of Experts to evaluate the collaborations and, eventually, will report conclusions and suggestions to the authorities.

Any material you would like to contribute should be uploaded to a local repository and sent to

The documents submitted to this website are made public with the consent of the authors. The author is responsible for the content of the documents they upload.

CEMat will assume the responsibility of the final conclusion derived from this initiative.

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