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Ciudad Real Numerica intendes to be a forum for discussion and dissemination of new mathematical ideas and computational techniques in the field of numerical analysis and to further encourage collaboration between participants. The event is targeted for specialists already trained or in training, in a relaxed atmosphere, where there is time for detail explanations and questions.

The event will take place between June 29th and July 2nd, 2015 and consists in two activities of different nature (course and meeting), in order to promote research activities around the numerical analysis of partial derivative equations, both in the theoretical and practical aspects.

During the first two days two courses (six hours each) will be held, and in the last two days, a mini-tutorial (two hours), and five invited lectures will be given. There will also be a commented poster session for participants where recent research can be shown.

Both the course and the meeting are designed for a limited number of participants, according to the philosophy of the project, aiming to understand in detail the issues and not to provide a general overview of topics, which is usually presented in other scientific events.

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