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महामारी के दौर में पैसा कैसे कमाए?|Best website of 2021

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“Photography is the act of creating an image through the recording of light via light-sensitive materials. It is a means of visual storytelling, as well as documenting the world around us,” said Colleen Vandenberg, fine arts adjunct faculty at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).
Maize Arendsee, fine arts adjunct faculty at SNHU, expands on the origin of the word itself. “As an early technology, photography was given a name in Greek that literally just means ‘writing with light,’" they said. "And while there have been a lot of changes in the technologies used over the years, I think that’s still the core of it: photography is the science of using light to create images.”

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A handful of athletes may score multimillion dollar endorsements or sponsorship deals, either before competing at the Olympics or after achieving success in the Games. For example, tennis star Naomi Osaka reportedly made $55 million from endorsements in 12 months, and was named the highest-paid female athlete ever, according to reports.

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