The objectives of the Spanish Committee for Mathematics are the following: to coordinate mathematical activities of international scope in Spain related to the International Mathematical Union (IMU); to reinforce the Spanish presence at IMU committees and their areas of action; to channel IMU initiatives within Spain and to advise the Ministries of Education and Science of Spain on IMU recommendations concerned with education and research in Mathematics.

The Committee has four commissions, each of which has its counterpart in the IMU. These commissions seek to ensure a better organization of activities in each area and adequate links with the IMU.

The Spanish Committee for Mathematics was founded on January 13th, 2004, as a re-estructuration and extension of the Spanish IMU Committee, which was re-formed on April 17, 1998, at the joint initiative of the RSME (Royal Spanish Society for Mathematics), SCM (Catalan Mathematical Society), SEMA (Spanish Society for Applied Mathematics), and SEIO (Society for Statistics and Applied Research). Apart from these bodies, the members of the Spanish Committee for Mathematics include FESPM (Spanish Federation of Associations of Mathematics Teachers), SEIEM (Spanish Society for Research in Mathematical Education), and SEHCYT (Spanish Society of History of Science and Technology).

The earlier Articles of Association of the Committee were approved on January 26th, 2004. On January 15th, 2007, these articles were replaced by the current Rules of Functioning, which adhere to the Rules of Functioning of the Spanish Commission for the International Council for Science (ICSU).

Since January 1st of 2015 the CEMAT is the Spain Adhering Organization (A.O) besides the own Committee vinculated to it. Since IMU’s refoundation in 1951 till decembre 31st of 2014, the Spain A.O. to IMU was permanently one Ministry or Inter-Ministry Dependence of Spain Goverment. The CEMAT coordinates the activity and representation of Spain at the international mathematical organizations. In 2010 the CEMAT has promoted and implemented the integration, as State member, of Spain in the International Center of Pure and Applied Mathematics (CIMPA-ICPAM).

The Annual Reports of Activities of the Committee can be found in the Reports section of this website (in Spanish).