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Seminar "Modelling of drug resistance: comparison of two hypotheses on the example of LGGs"
Salón de Grados, E.T.S.I.Industriales
Wednesday November 14, 2018

Marek Bodnar, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics,

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics

University of Warsaw

November, 14th, Wednesday

11:30h. Salón de Grados, E.T.S.I.Industriales

We present simple mathematical models of two mechanism of acquiring a drug resistance. Acquired drug resistance syndrom (ADR) is one of the most important features associated with tumour treatment and is therefore a~topic of intensive studies. Basing on the simple mathematical approach we conclude that for constant continuous treatment once resistant cells appear, sensitive cells are eliminated after long time, independently of the mechanism of acquiring the resistance. We discuss difference in qualitative behaviour of considered models. Moreover we investigate also the modification of the models taking into account the process in which the resistant cells can loose drug resistance with some small probability. 


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