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Seminar "A co-evolutionary ecology approach to cell diversity in tumor growth"
Aula 00B, Edificio Politécnico
Tuesday November 20, 2018

Álvaro Martínez

20 de noviembre, 13:00

Aula 00B, Edificio Politécnico


A co-evolutionary ecology approach to cell diversity in tumour growth


The appearance of cell heterogeneity in tumours is one of the main problems that the disease poses when it comes to diagnosis, therapy design and response and prognosis. There are different hypotheses as to how this diversity arises, the processes that lead to it and how it influences the acquisition of resistance.


In this talk we present the Tangled Nature model, an individual based mathematical model that represents an evolving ecology, and we analyse the possibilities of its use in cancer modelling in an attempt to explain various features of cancer heterogeneity from an ecological point of view.



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