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The James S. Mc. Donnell Foundation supports MOLAB project on Therapy optimization in glioblastomas
Friday November 30, 2018

The James S. Mc. Donnell Foundation (USA) will be supporting the project "Therapy optimization in glioblastoma" for another three years (2019-2021). This project is MOLAB's flagship and intends to to create a cooperative framework to gather together a broad range of human data of glioma patients and to develop efficient mathematical algorithms able to interpret this diverse information as a whole. The ultimate goal is to make knowledge-based decisions on which specific therapeutics, combinations and timings should be used for each glioblastoma (GBM) patient. Achieving this goal requires the integration of human clinical data coming from multimodal imaging, omics, immunohistochemical and molecular biology characterization of tumor cells, etc. Then, the conceptual frameworks provided by mathematical models, may allow us to get a “big picture” of the disease’s natural history and so understand and predict its response to therapies. The JSMF support allowed this ambitious and highly interdisciplinary project to start in 2016 and now is supporting its continuation.

In the first three years, MOLAB researchers and their coworkers have set up a clinical protocol to collect data and obtained many preliminary results. With this extension, the project can be developed in full and hopefully reach their ambitious goals.