On a variational approach for the analysis and numerical simulation of ODEs
2013 - S. Amat, P. Pedregal
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 33, 1275-1291 (2013)
authors IMACI
This paper is devoted to the study and approximation of systems of ordinary differential equations based on an analysis of a certain error functional associated, in a natural way, with the original problem. We prove that in seeking to minimize the error by using standard descent schemes, the procedure can never get stuck in local minima, but will always and steadily decrease the error until getting to the original solution. One main step in the procedure relies on a very particular linearization of the problem: in some sense, it is like a globally convergent Newton type method. Although our objective here is not to perform a rigorous numerical study of the method, we illustrate its potential for approximation by considering some stiff systems of equations. The performance is astonishingly very good due to the fact that we can use very robust methods to approximate linear stiff problems like implicit collocation schemes. We also include a couple of typical test models for the Lorentz system and the Kepler problem, again confirming a very good performance. We believe that this approach can be used in a systematic way to examine other situations and other types of equations due to its flexibility and its simplicity.