Numerical and analytical method for the design of piezoelectric modal sensors/actuators for shell-type structures
2010 - A Donoso, JC Bellido, JM Chacón
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 81, 1700-1712 (2010).
In this paper we treat the problem of designing distributed piezoelectric modal sensors/actuators for cylindrically curved panels. The design problem is tackled as an optimization problem where the design variable is a function (the polarization profile of the electrode) that takes on three values only: ?1 (negative polarization), 0 (zero polarization or no piezoelectric material), 1 (positive polarization), and the objective function is connected with the frequency response of the transducer. For the model described here, we analytically prove that the electrode patterns that make it possible to ideally isolate particular vibration modes must entirely cover the piezoelectric lamina with either positive or negative polarization. Further, we propose an accurate numerical method for systematically designing these polarization patterns and a novel algorithm for parameterizing and visualizing them in 3d.