A column generation algorithm for the estimation of origin-destination matrices in congested traffic networks
2008 - R García-Ródenas, D. Verastegui-Rayo
European Journal of Operational Research 184, 860-878 (2008)
The general problem of estimating origin–destination (O–D) matrices in congested traffic networks is formulated as a mathematical programme with equilibrium constraints, referred to as the demand adjustment problem (DAP). This approach integrates the O–D matrix estimation and the network equilibrium assignment into one process. In this paper, a column generation algorithm for the DAP is presented. This algorithm iteratively solves a deterministic user equilibrium model for a given O–D matrix and a DAP restricted to the previously generated paths, whose solution generates a new O–D trip matrix estimation. The restricted DAP is formulated via a single level optimization problem. The convergence on local minimum of the proposed algorithm requires only the continuity of the link travel cost functions and the gauges used in the definition of the DAP. In order to analyze the convergence and performance of the proposed algorithm, various numerical tests were carried out on small scale problems.