Implementation of the Backlund transformations for the Ablowitz-Ladik hierarchy
2006 - V. Vekslerchik
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, 39, 6933-6953 (2006).
The derivation of the Backlund transformations (BTs) is a standard problem of the theory of the integrable systems. Here, I discuss the equations describing the BTs for the Ablowitz-Ladik hierarchy (ALH), which have been already obtained by several authors. The main aim of this work is to solve these equations. This can be done in the framework of the so-called functional representation of the ALH, when an infinite number of the evolutionary equations are replaced, using the Miwa's shifts, with a few equations linking tau-functions with different arguments. It is shown that starting from these equations it is possible to obtain explicit solutions of the BT equations. In other words, the main result of this work is a presentation of the discrete BTs as a superposition of an infinite number of evolutionary flows of the hierarchy. These results are used to derive the superposition formulae for the BTs as well as pure soliton solutions.