Differential Effect of Caffeine Consumption on Diverse Brain Areas of Pregnant Rats
2012 - I. Ballesteros Yañez, C. A. Castillo Sarmiento, M. Amo Salas, J. L. Albasanz Herrero, M. M. Martin Lopez.
Journal of Caffeine Research. 2, 90-98 (2012)
authors IMACI
It has previously been shown that during gestation, the mother's brain has an increase in glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP)-immunoreactivity (-ir) and a decrease in the mRNA level of A1 adenosine receptor. Little is known about the A2A adenosine receptor in the maternal brain, and whether caffeine consumption throughout gestational period modifies GFAP and adenosine receptor density in specific brain areas. This study was undertaken to investigate the protein density of GFAP and adenosine receptors (A1 and A2A subtypes) in different regions of pregnant rat brain and the possible effect of caffeine on these proteins.