Design of an adjustable-stiffness spring: mathematical modeling and simulation, fabrication and experimental validation
2011 - A.Gonzalez Rodriguez, J.M.Chacon Muñoz, A.Donoso Bellón
Mechanism and machine theory. 46, 1970 - 1979 (2011)
authors IMACI
An adjustable-stiffness actuator composed of two antagonistic non-linear springs is proposed in this paper. The elastic device consists of two pairs of leaf springs working in bending conditions under large displacements. Owing to this geometric non-linearity, the global stiffness of the actuator can be adjusted by modifying the shape of the leaf springs. A mathematical model has been developed in order to predict the mechanical behavior of our proposal. The non-linear differential equation derived from the model is solved, obtaining large stiffness variations. A prototype of the actuator was fabricated and tested for different load cases. Experimental results were compared with numerical simulations for model verification, showing excellent agreement for a wide range of work.