A computational method for an optimal design problem in uniform torsion under local stress contraints
2012 - E.Aranda Ortega, J.C.Bellido Guerrero, A.Donoso Bellon
Journal of optimization theory and applications. 154, 443-461 (2012)
In this paper we explore the possibilities from both a computational and numerical point of view of a relaxation method studied by the authors in previous work for related problems. The model problem considered in this paper for testing our computational method is the optimal design problem of nding the optimal distribution of two elastic isotropic materials that maximizes the torsional sti ness of a shaft of constant cross-section, while keeping the stress below a certain tolerance value at any point. Further to usual diculties in optimal design problems, this last constraint is a local constraint that makes the problem involved from a theoretical point of view and heavy from a numerical one. The results obtained with our computational method for this problem are quite satisfactory, getting optimal composite designs ful lling the local stress constraint. Our approach pushes forward in a computational level the ideas in [2]. The material of this talk is contained in [1]