A mathematical model of induced cancer-adaptive immune system competition
2011 - J.M. Chrobak, H. Herrero
Journal of Biological Systems (JBS)19, 521(2011)
authors IMACI
We present a model of competition between an artificially induced tumor and the adaptive immune system based on the use of an autonomous system of ordinary differential equations (ODE). The aim of this work is to reproduce experimental results which find two possible outcomes depending on the initial quantities of the tumor and the adaptive immune cells. The ODE system is positively invariant and its solutions are bounded. The linear stability analysis of the fixed points of the model yields two groups of solutions depending on the initial conditions. In the first one, the immune system wins against the tumor cells, so the cancer disappears (elimination). In the second one, the cancer keeps on growing (escape). These results are coherent with experimental results which show these two possibilities, so the model reproduces the macroscopic behavior of the experiments. From the model some conclusions on the underlying competitive behavior can be derived.