An Efficient Algebraic Approach to Observability Analysis in State Estimation
2010 - R. E. Pruneda, C. Solares, A. J. Conejo y E. Castillo
Electric Power Systems Research, 80, 277-286 (2010).
An efficient and compact algebraic approach to state estimation observability is proposed. It is based on transferring rows to columns and vice versa in the Jacobian measurement matrix. The proposed methodology provides a unified approach to observability checking, critical measurement identification, determination of observable islands, and selection of pseudo-measurements to restore observability. Additionally, the observability information obtained from a given set of measurements can provide directly the observability obtained from any subset of measurements of the given set. Several examples are used to illustrate the capabilities of the proposed methodology, and results from a large case study are presented to demonstrate the appropriate computational behavior of the proposed algorithms. Finally, some conclusions are drawn.