Development of improved adaptive approaches to electricity demand forecasting
2008 - D. J. Pedregal, P. C. Young
Journal of the Operational Research Society, 59, 1066-1076 (2008)
authors IMACI
This paper develops a short-term forecasting system for hourly electricity load demand based on Unobserved Components set up in a State Space framework. The system consists of two options, a univariate model and a non-linear bivariate model that relates demand to temperature. In order to handle the rapidly sampling interval of the data, a multi-rate approach is implemented with models estimated at different frequencies, some of them with `periodically amplitude modulated' properties. The non-linear relation between demand and temperature is identified via a Data-Based Mechanistic approach and finally implemented by Radial Basis Functions. The models also include signal extraction of daily and weekly components. Both models are tested on the basis of a thorough experiment in which other options, like ARIMA and Artificial Neural Networks are also used. The models proposed compare very favourably with the rest of alternatives in forecasting load demand.