Instabilities due to a heating spike
2007 - M.C. Navarro, H. Herrero, A. M. Mancho
Journal of Physics. Conference Series 64, 012003 (2007).
We study numerically instabilities developed in a fluid layer with a free surface, in a cylindrical container which around the origin at the bottom has a heating spike modelled by a parameter β. Axysimmetric basic states appear as soon a non-zero horizontal temperature gradient is imposed. These states are characterized by the presence of a hot boundary layer in the center and a convective motion in the whole cell. The basic states may bifurcate to different solutions depending on the parameters of the problem. We consider the small aspect ratio and high localization case. Waves (spirals) or stationary patterns with low wave numbers appear after the bifurcation. They are more localized depending on the localization of the heating.