Numerical Aspects and Solution of Some Nonlinear Schrödinger Systems on a Distributed Parallel Computer
1994 - I. Martín, F. Tirado, L. Vázquez, V. M. Pérez-García
Proceedings of the Second Euromicro Workshop on Parallel Distributed Processing, IEEE Computer Society Press, 245-252 (1994)
authors IMACI
We present an alternative finite difference scheme for Nonlinear Schrîdinger type equations. The scheme conserves the energy and charge of the system and it is linearly implicit. Several numerical tests show that the scheme is stable, accurate and efficient. The scheme is suitable to be extended to higher dimensions as well as to non conservative and stochastic perturbations. We also present the parallelization of the scheme and its implementation on a distributed array of transputers. This is the first part of the project to simulate the dynamics of Nonlinear Schrödinger Systems in two and three space dimensions.