Some complexities in optimal experimental designs introduced by real life problems
2008 - S. Garcet Rodríguez, J. López-Fidalgo, R. Martín-Martín
Tatra Mt. Math. Publ. 39, 135-143 (2008).
Designing an experiment for a real life problem may involve new and complex situations. As a motivation a medical problem of finding an experimental design to predict cardiopulmonary morbidity after lung resection with standardized exercise oximetry is considered. Designing an experiment for models with a mixture of controlled and uncontrolled variables has already been considered in the literature. Another degree of complexity appears when an experimental unit can not complete the assigned experimental condition, e.g., the prescribed exercise time in the medical example. Thus, the controlled variable has to be considered as potentially censored. This paper is focused mainly on this problem for censored discrete distributions.