Instabilities in buoyant flows under localized heating
2007 - M. C. Navarro, H. Herrero, A. Mancho
Chaos, 17, 22105 (2007).
We study, from the numerical point of view, instabilities developed in a fluid layer with a free surface in a cylindrical container which is nonhomogeneously heated from below. In particular, we consider the case in which the applied heat is localized around the origin. An axisymmetric basic state appears as soon as a nonzero horizontal temperature gradient is imposed. The basic state may bifurcate to different solutions depending on vertical and lateral temperature gradients and on the shape of the heating function. We find different kinds of instabilities: extended patterns growing on the whole domain, which include those known as targets, and spiral waves. Spirals are present even for infinite Prandtl number. Localized structures both at the origin and at the outer part of the cylinder may appear either as Hopf or stationary bifurcations. An overview of the developed instabilities as functions of the dimensionless parameters is presented in this article. (c) 2007 American Institute of Physics.