The main goal of our group, among others, is the study of the metallic materials processing to get fine, uniformly distributed grain sizes, and the most appropriate for the attaiment of behaviour close to super-plastic configurations. In this context, some of the most outstanding aspects to study are static and dynamic recrystallization, crack, hardening- softening, etc and its parameters and mechanisms. To carry out this project the analysis required involves three different and interrelated fields: mathematical optimization, spectroscopy and crystallographycal treatments and appropriate tools of statistics. Under the experimental support given by the simulation of the hot working, and high strain rates for torsion, the intended objectives are: - Selection of materials for specific uses and their treatments - Modelling of several sort of mechanisms. - Prediction of the conditions of final microstructure in terms of grain sizes and stability. - Connection between the final microstructure, the design and the processing of the material.