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What is GeoNum?

The main research line is focused on modelling and numerical simulation of fluid dynamic phenomena in convection, present in geophysical fluids and many industrial processes.

In atmospheric phenomena such as dust devils or tropical cyclones, thermal convection plays a relevant role in their generation and intensification. The dynamics in mantle’s Earth or the conduit dynamics on volcanoes are also interesting geophysical problems where convection shows to be relevant.

In our research we approach the problems through the study of thermoconvective instabilities. We develop numerical tools and methods for the simulations: spectral methods, reduced basis, domain decomposition, etc.

We have recently started a new research line focused on numerical modeling of heating by microwave irradiation in liquids.

Our group works at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Castilla-La Mancha and belongs to the Institute of Applied Mathematics for Science and Engineering (IMACI).