MOLAB's PhD student defends his PhD thesis
Martes 22 de Diciembre del 2020
Grupo de Oncología Matemática
On December 22, 2020, MOLAB PhD student Salvador Chulián successfully defended his thesis, entitled "Mathematical models in cancer, haematopoiesis and leukaemia data analysis" in the PhD programme "Physics and Mathematics" at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). Manuel Ramirez Orellana (Pediatric Oncology, Niño Jesús Hospital, Madrid), Rita Traccina (University of Catania, Italy) and Milica Pesic (Institute of Biological Problems, Belgrade) were the members of the evaluation committee.
This thesis work included several cancer-related studies: a review on mathematical models of leukemia, a study of a mathematical model of lymphopoiesis, a biomarkers analysis on flow cytometry leukemia data, a topological data analysis on relapsing leukemia patients, and several Lie symmetry analyses on generalised Fisher’s equations.
This thesis is the result of the collaboration efforts between clinicians, hematologists, immunologists and mathematicians. This multidisciplinary research aims to understand tumor features in order to improve risk stratification, and therefore to improve the associated therapy protocols.