Malaga Regional University Hospital joins the METMATH project
MOLAB & Malaga University Hospital
Jueves 15 de Octubre del 2020
Grupo de Oncología Matemática

The METMATH project inteds to shed light on brain metastasis growth treated by radiosurgery by analyzing the longitudinal records (imaging and clinical data) of those patients. This project is a multidisciplinary initiative between MOLAB and a number of hospitals including MD Anderson Cancer Centre (Madrid), Salamanca University Hospital, San Chinarro Hospital (Madrid) and Valencian Institute of Oncology (Valencia, Spain). The project intends to develop imaging biomarkers of response, differentiating radiation necrosis from tumor relapses, and understanding better the growth dynamics of these tumors. 

Almost 900 brain metastasis are being included in the study. Now, Malaga University Hospital has joined the project's efforts and will collaborate scientifically and provide patient data for the ongoing studies. The first results from METMATH project will be available in the first term of 2021.