Jesús J. Bosque and Odelaisy León-Triana join MOLAB as PhD students
Martes 01 de Enero del 2019
Grupo de Oncología Matemática

Jesús J. Bosque and Odelaisy León-Triana have received fellowships from the PhD programme of the University of Castilla-La Mancha to start their PhD studies at MOLAB.

Jesús is an industrial engineer (UNED, Madrid) and student of the Physics and Mathematics programme of the UCLM. He will study the mathematical modelling of hyperthermia with the goal of finding the best therapeutical combinations of this treatment with cytotoxic therapies. His PhD thesis will be supervised by María Cruz Navarro (Maths Dept, UCLM), who is an expert on localized heating problems and MOLAB members Gabriel F. Calvo and Víctor M. Pérez.

Odelaisy León Triana is a Mathematician and Master in Mathematics and Statistics (Cuba), and has performed previously research on diabetes modelling at MOLAB. Her PhD thesis will focus on finding imaging-based biomarkers in brain metastasis using mathematical models. She will be co-supervised by Estanislao Arana (Valencian Institute of Oncology, IVO, Valencia) and Víctor Pérez (MOLAB).