MOLAB organizes the Workshop "Therapy optimization in glioblastoma: How can mathematics help?"
Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailio, Córdoba, Spain
Miércoles 04 de Septiembre del 2019
Grupo de Oncología Matemática

The workshop "Therapy optimization in glioblastoma: How can mathematics help?" will be held at Córdoba, Spain, September 4-6, 2019 as part of the James S. Mc. Donnell Foundation funded "Therapy Optimization in Glioblastoma" (TOG) project activities. 

The idea is to allow for a direct interaction between Applied Mathematicians working on cancer and specifically brain tumors on one side and top-level clinicians on the other. The workshop will count with the participation of Roger Stupp (Northwestern Univ, USA), Kristin Swanson (Mayo Clinic, USA), Brigitta Baumert (Bonn, Germany), Philip Maini (Oxford University, UK), Robert Gatenby (Moffit Cancer Center, USA), Gelareh Zadeh (Toronto, Canada), Kenneth Aldape (Toronto, Canada), Philippe Schucht (Bern, Switzerland), Michael Dahlweid (Bern, Switzerland), Susan Fitzpatrick (James Mc Donnell Foundation, USA), Francois Valette & Lisa Oliver (Inserm Nantes, France), Milica Pesic (Belgrade) and many others spanning a broad range of expertises in neuro-oncology. 

The workshop will include selected motivating talks plus ample time for discussions to see how mathematical algorithms can make better use of human data of this devastating disease to define novel biomarkers of interest, to personalize therapies using avaialble therapeutical options and to design novel therapies.