A MoLAB proposal was finalist in the HORAO challenge
Martes 09 de Abril del 2019 a Jueves 30 de Mayo del 2019
Grupo de Oncología Matemática

The aim of the HORAO Project is to find innovative technologies that can visualize the exact boundary between the tumor and the healthy, surrounding tissue during brain tumor surgery, thus enabling neurosurgeons to operate brain tumors even more safely and efficiently.

Collectively, more than 10 000 people had shown interest in the HORAO crowdsourcing. Over 270 researchers and 18 teams from over 30 countries across every continent participated in the competition. A total of 45 projects from more than 20 countries were submitted. 

The five finalists from the USA, Canada, Spain, France and Germany engaged in a head-to-head race at the public HORAO Conference in Bern. In 2018 all five had participated in the global crowdsourcing competition (intelligence of the masses) for developing an even more accurate microscope for brain tumor surgery and were nominated for the final by an internationally renowned jury. The five finalists faced their final challenge at the HORAO Conference as they presented their proposed solution to the jury and the audience, who then determined the final winner via e-voting.

The jury and audience selected the winning project at the HORAO Conference on March 14, 2019: Ivan Gusachenko from Rennes, France.

Alicia Martínez- González from the Mathematical Oncology Laboratory was one of the 5 finalists and won the 1000$ price.