New approach to modeling of antiangiogenic treatment on the basis of Hahnfeldt et al. model.
E.T.S.I Industriales. Sala de Juntas Industriales. 10:00h.
Martes 05 de Abril del 2016
Grupo de Oncología Matemática

We present a new methodology in modeling of antiangiogenic treatment on the basis of well recognized model formulated by Hahnfeldt et al. in 1999. On the basis of the Hahnfeldt et al.  model, with the usage of the optimal control theory, some protocols of antiangiogenic treatment were proposed. However, in our opinion the formulation of that model is valid only for the antivascular treatment, that is treatment that is focused on destroying endothelial cells. Therefore, we propose a modification of the original model which is valid in the case of the antiangiogenic treatment, that is treatment which is focused on blocking angiogenic signaling. We analyze basic mathematical properties of the proposed model and present some numerical simulations. The extension of the Hahnfeldt et al. model will be also discussed. In particular we justify introduction of time delay into the model and discuss the influence of time delay on the model dynamics