Project "Mathematical models in Complex Systems Biology" funded by JCCM at MOLAB
E.T.S.I. Industrial
Thursday December 19, 2019
Mathematical Oncology Laboratory

The biology of complex systems is a branch of science in which both Biology and Applied Mathematics coalesce. Its mission is the conceptual characterization of biological systems involving a wide variety of interacting agents (from simple molecules, viruses, bacteria and individual cells to groups of multicellular individuals) and their formalization through the development of mathematical models.


Many of the problems that arise in the biology of complex systems are motivated by situations that show a high impact in our society, given that they have a direct relationship with diseases or pathologies as well as with homeostatic biological processes, whose knowledge and quantification can lead to significant improvements in the health and quality of life of people.


MOLAB researchers, G.F. Calvo, J. Belmonte-Beitia, I. Ramis-Conde, have obtained a grant from the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha (JCCM) to develop a project in this field entitled "Mathematical Models in Complex Systems Biology"


The general aim of this project is to deepen into the Biology-Mathematics interface, for which a selected set of relevant biological problems will be considered and predictive models and efficient mathematical tools will be developed to describe and quantify biological systems that present a high heterogeneity. Also, some of the problems that will be addressed in this project evidence a clear clinical relevance and, therefore, another goal will be to transfer several of the results achieved within the theoretical framework to the clinic. Hence, this is a project with a marked interdisciplinary character, in which Mathematics is an essential part and, in addition, it is intended to highlight its usefulness in the Health area.