Seminar "Coming Full Circle in Cancer Modelling?"
Salón de Grados, Edificio Politécnico, 9:15
Thursday September 26, 2019
Mathematical Oncology Laboratory

Seminar "Coming Full Circle in Cancer Modelling?"


Helen Byrne
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford OX2 6GG,

Salón de Grados Edificio Politécnico, Thursday Sep 26, 2019, 9:15


The past twenty five years have been marked by an unparalleled increase in our understanding of cancer biology. This transformation is, perhaps, best exemplified by Hanahan and Weinberg’s decision in 2011 to expand their original Hallmarks of Cancer from six traits to ten! At the same time, mathematical modelling has emerged as a natural tool for unravelling the complex processes that contribute to cancer initiation and progression, for testing hypotheses about experimental and clinical observations, and assisting with the development of new approaches for improving its treatment.


In this talk, I will revisit some of the early models of avascular tumour growth, an- giogenesis and tumour blood flow. Following Hanahan and Weinberg’s lead, I will reflect on how closer collaboration with oncologists and access to experimental data have driven extensions to these models which increase their power to generate qualitative and quantitative predictions about the growth and response to treatment of solid tumours.