FisyMat Master ranked 4th best in "Experimental Sciences and Technology" in Spain
Thursday July 04, 2019
Mathematical Oncology Laboratory

FISYMAT master has been ranked 4th in the field of "Experimental Sciences and Technology" in Spain according to the famous ranking elaborated by the national newspaper "El Mundo". FISYMAT was the only applied mathematics master included in any of the different categories of the classification. 

MOLAB participates in the interuniversity Master FISYMAT (Physics and Mathematics) between the University of Castilla-La Mancha and University of Granada, specifically teaching subjects in the "Biomathematics" profile. Specifically, some of the subjects teach by MOLAB members are "Mathematical Oncology" (6 ECTS credits) or "Mathematical biology" (6 ECTS credits). 

Link to the news item (in Spanish)