Optimal design of piezoelectric microtransducers
Estado Finalizada
Trabajo fin de master y Tesis doctoral
Director UCLM

Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge from a mechanical strain and vice versa. Applications of this phenomenon include piezoelectric sensing (measurement of vibration, for instance guitar piezoelectric pickups) and piezoelectric actuation (for instance, injectors in fuel injector engines).
Our aim is the optimal design of piezoelectric static and modal sensors and actuators. To this end, the problem is modelled as an optimization problem with two variables, the first one is the ground structure variable, and it defines the shape of our sensor; the second one is the polarization variable, and it stands for the polarization profile of the piezoelectric material placed on the structure. In this talk we will report on our investigation on this structural optimization problem in different cases of interest, showing numerical simulations of optimal configurations, and in some cases some manufactured designs.
For the examples we focus on the micro-scale structures due to the potential applications in electronics, but everything can be generalized to any scale.